Get the most possible out of your engine.  Over 25 years our shop has expanded to include a performance center that specializes in diesel performance parts to help you extract the highest horsepower and efficiency from your engine.  Stop in today and see how you can achieve your maximum engine performance.

Do you get tired of filling up with fuel all the time? Do you get nervous stopping at shady fuel station in the middle of the night? Newer diesel vehicles need quality fuel and do not tolerate water at all. Don't get stuck buying low grade old fuel from a shady fuel station. Install one of our Titan XXL fuel tanks that will enable you to pass by the fly by night fuel stations and make it to the popular well known  truck stops.

Does your vehicle sag when pulling a trailer? Does it sway all over the road when towing a trailer? Install one of our Air Lift  air bag suspensions and get the load level and steady while towing. Make towing less stressful and more comfortable.

Browse our shop and find nothing less than the best, leading brand equipment to provide your vehicle increased horsepower and torque whether it's a light duty pickup truck, car, recreational vehicle, or tractor.

Get the best products for the best prices, from single parts to full kits: